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jesslla ([personal profile] jesslla) wrote2008-12-03 07:47 pm

Sim Spam Secret Santa

The [ profile] sim_spam community is doing a Secret Santa, and my Santa came through with two *totally* awesome cats. Andi and Mr. Roboto.

So, in thanks, here's a bunch of pictures taken in game with my self-sim and my new fuzzies.

Thank you so much Santa. I love them. :D

Andi and me:

Andi's so pretty. Love her coloring and her fluffy fur.

Mr. Roboto. He's so cute. I love flame point kitties (I have two of my own)

Hey look! It's super kitty.

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(I'm not good at keeping secrets)

I'm so happy you like them. (and I based Mr. Roboto on the pics in your flickr stream--Andi was loosely based on the wee little tabby kitten there--that kitten almost slayed me with its cute)
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As soon as I read that the cat was named Mr. Roboto, I knew it was your gift.

They're great kitties.

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I'm still very pleased with how they came out (especially Mr. Roboto)